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Hey, better late than never right? I'm really glad that this got finished. Your flash animations have always exhibited careful detail in how the characters move and act. I do have one nitpick and it's that your sound effects seem pretty generic. It fits your erratic style of quickly paced storytelling, but sometimes it seems like lazily ripping sounds from popular movies and video games is barring your movies from being anything more. I'd like you to pay more attention to such details in the future.

Anyway, 9 out of 10 stars. You lost one when you misspelled Vengeance. You know where.

CaseyAnimates responds:

Thanks Gustavos! I think this is probably your first actual criticism, and I totally get it, too! I'll be sure to more original in my sound design, I get where you're coming from.

Also, I misspelled it? CRAP. How come the painbrush doesn't have a spellcheck feature?
You should've added a star, your name was right next to it. And in the special thanks.

I was going to have some fun in pointing out tiny things that could be fixed AFTER you uploaded, but from the look of things, budj is already doing that to you in chat. Oh well.

As always, I'm impressed by the writing. You and tj really put something spectacular together, and I still lose it every time I watch the scenes between goombario and goombaria. Creative use of this classic games' characters and stellar voice work is what really made this flash shine for me. A solid comedic piece in every way and I was glad you gave me a chance to contribute. Cheers to the Superlab, I look forward to animating alongside them someday.

Eastbeast responds:

Lol I imagine I will have to re-upload this atleast 22 (Today's lucky number lol) more times with edits before he is satisfied : > Although it wasn't all Budj's or Tj's advice that helped, yours was the balance between the two warring kingdoms lol and I thank you kindly for that. The thought you returning to animation excites me! And you should know you have all the resources you need at your disposal, including myself as an animator. Hell yes.

Everytime I watch this flash. It seems like Kafei becomes more and more of a player. I'm glad this finally got out. Your animating skills are so superbly displayed that I can't help but be so jealous kaf-...anyway, as a Zelda fan, I really enjoyed this take on some of the minor characters of Majora's mask. Proving that not every flash for this game series has to be some parody of Ocarina of Time.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks a ton Gusty. : > Digging the ""about you" section on your profile page by the way

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The party is a lie.

I always loved the occanional zombie survival readiness tests that come by. I myself wouldn't do well in a real and dangerous outbreak, and the results prove it. This test showed more variety than even the highest rated tests I've tried, which is awesome. All these different fields you need to consider. I agree completely that I'd end up being the driver/medic of a potential team, but I also lack physical prowess and experience with firearms to be a driving force against the undead. The party was also really fun, and the minigames were nice breaks from the standard questions.

Overall, this quiz had flavor, and I totally dug it. :)

74% ?

Wow, better than I expected. I'm only 16, lol.

But in a real zombie apocalypse, I'm not sure what I would do. If I was at home, I'd grab a bat, but I don't know where my parents keep the gun, or even if they have ammunition for it. I'd be pretty screwed, and may end up as a liability to the team. But if it was the T-Virus, you'd have to be an idiot, or hopelessly unfit to get killed under normal circumstances. :P

It was a good quiz, pretty standard questions.

Wow, that's a need technique!

My only complaint was that the automated voice made it hard to hear anything that wasn't already written out. But I never used masking before in the nearly 3 years I've had Flash. And I'm glad to have another skill under my belt. 5/5

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That was silly. You see, when people make voice demos, they try to show off what kind of voices they can do. Like, say, a British or Brooklyn accent. It gives the viewer the chance to see if any of their possible voices can fit for the character they need voice acting for.

But that doesn't matter, because a female voice actor is valuable enough. Considering how few of those there are. lol

Oh man, this was incredible

This already great song had been revised to be more epic, creative, and overall awesome. The improvised sections added an interesting touch. I also loved how the song never repeated itself. Though the beat stayed the same, the melody found time to change itself to keep the song interesting. And the result was just lovely.

Burn7 responds:

Thanks, I try to stay away from repetition as much as possible when doing remixes or covers that involve guitar. People tend to dislike it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

The narration is pretty accurate.

You can almost pin point which point of this song when you're doing what. Like at 3:18 as you "venture past the Ozone layer". A nice way to use our imaginations. On top of that, it's this sort of music that is best listened to as you work. Like with flash, for example. Sure, it's fun to put on some awesome song that you might normally sing along too, but the ones that help you work are the lyric-less ones. Ones with perhaps just a melody. Or just a rhythm. Those songs do much less to distract you from work.

Now, that's not saying this isn't an awesome song. It's a unique...journey. This is the type of ambience you'd hear behind a voice that explains a new world. It's something you hear in movies.

The machine in my brain that comes up with good examples and metaphors is on the fritz. So let me conclude with, this totally roxed my sox as I was doing my homework. That's no metaphor.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:


Wow! Im really loving this review, its always enjyoable to hear what others imagine from the songs i make. Thanks for the details and everything, they mean a lot. You better ace that homework bub. and congrats on that awesome tablet of yours.

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Looks kinda...


The picture itself is fairly entertaining, though. You did forget the buckles on the overalls of both Mario and Luigi. The part of their hats that stick forward under the letters also aren't very defined, when they should be. Not much else to comment on since very little of it was drawn, traced or not.

MarioFlashMovies responds:

Thanks, I'll take these notes next time.

I love Fallout 3!

Very creative what you're doing here. Can't wait to see what you come of with for the last two levels.

but the story is awesome

and that's all there is to it really.

Irrelevant review is irrelevant.

SlashFirestorm responds:


My hands only have two abilities: fapping and writing.

You've come a long way. Here, have a cookie...your inventory seems to be full. Come back when you can carry more items, I'll hold onto this for you. *Munch* *Crunch*

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